Rosewood Aged Care

Rosewood Aged Care

ClientRosewood Aged Care
SuburbWest Perth

Rosewood is a state-of-the-art aged care facility in the Hub of West Perth. Its four floors, plus ground and basement, have been creatively designed around a heritage listed pre-existing home in its centre.

Dignity + Respect + Comfort. The three most important factors our Design team held in high regard throughout the project’s design phase.

Far beyond walls, floors and furniture, our approach was focused on crafting an environment that catered to all users, offering support and dignity to residents, care givers and their visiting families.  

Building a Dementia-friendly environment was integral to this brief. Through creative and strategic thinking, Interite Healthcare Interiors have delivered a facility that integrates home with healthcare.

Small touches such as memorabilia of iconic places in WA and ‘then’ and ‘now’ Perth comparisons provide residents with links to their community and a sense of identity.

The residential care facility boasts all the luxuries of home, if not more. A hotel style fit out was the focus of the brief, notwithstanding carefully considering colour perception and lighting, fixtures and fittings, surfaces and lighting, furniture, wayfinding and materials and surfaces.  The end users were always centric to the design.

Rosewood provides an environment that can support, motivate, and encourage independence whilst residents can enjoy safe, comfortable, recognisable, and relevant surroundings.

We are privileged to have been a significant part of this benchmark residential aged care facility, creating a home that so many can now enjoy. 

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