Next Practice Deakin

Next Practice Deakin

ClientNext Practice

The mission of Next Practice is to provide healthcare and a patient experience that is next level, the medical interior design and fit out team at Interite Healthcare Interiors helped deliver that superior patient experience and care by re-imagining the design of a typical general practice. 

The 340m2 space was creatively designed around the principles of the five senses. Particular attention was given to what patients would first see, hear, smell, touch and taste.

A café style layout in the waiting area with banquette seating, couches, lounge chairs and a children’s play area results in the area being suited to a broad range of people and provides a casual and comfortable domain for patients.

An interactive, recessed 75-inch vertical screen allows an experience of a different kind for children and adults, allowing them to learn more about the human body while they’re waiting.

The reception area is innovative yet cost-effective. The rounded look of the reception desks provides design uniqueness and opens communication further between administrative staff and the patient and the ambient lighting effect and fixture design is far from the standard clinical design approach.

The homely feel flows through to the consult rooms with semi-circular desks, soft edges and the greenery of plants.  

Design principles that align with the brand values of Next Practice were integral to this project. Interite Healthcare Interiors together with Next Practice have successfully created a medical facility that sets it far apart from its contenders.

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