Next Practice Albion

Next Practice Albion

ClientNext Practice Albion

The brief was to achieve a modern family orientated design to help promote health & wellbeing, breaking away from the usual convention to fit the modern day lifestyle. We also wanted to ensure the waiting area, known as the living room was spacious enough so that people are not sitting shoulder to shoulder and feel comfortable when waiting for their appointment.  

Calmness and tranquillity are achieved through the use of materials inspired by mother earth. Think rich stone textures and warm timber details!

To bring that modern twist we integrated brass details throughout that catch your eye and help bounce the natural light around the space.

All of these design details combined, creates a Zen like feel, a common thread in all our designs for Next Practice.

At Interite we realise the importance of a healing and calming environment for patients to receive their care. Next Practice Albion exemplifies this distinct and refreshing approach, with a wide range of medical and allied health services, all under the one roof.

This is anything but a general practice. This is Next Practice.

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