Mind Australia

Mind Australia

ClientMind Australia

Mind Australia deliver return to independence programs in the Mental Health Space.

Mind Australia approached Interite Healthcare Interiors, seeking a Human Centred Design (HCD) approach in their space, allowing a patient-centric space promoting better client experience and staff workflow. Not only this, but the need to divert away from the traditional visual stigma of mental health clinics was an essential component in the brief.

Interite Healthcare Interiors delivered and executed a concept in which successfully ticked all boxes. Central to the design, the removing of the traditional reception counter was critical. This is replaced with a more welcoming, impactful and approachable concierge-style meeting point, where clients gain the sense of inclusion and homeliness.

This 250sqm space in Abbotsford, VIC, spanned over an incredibly quick five weeks, allowing the centre to run during normal operational hours efficiently and conveniently.

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