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Milestone Medical

ClientMilestone Medical

Milestone Medical strives to deliver the best health care for women and children. The services of Interite Healthcare Interiors were engaged to deliver an architectural designed building and interior that delivered the principles of functionality, energy efficiency and privacy.

Due to the 234m2 space, we were faced with the challenge of enabling the facility to have sufficient consulting rooms to meet their demand for services. This was achieved successfully through the creative and strategic thinking of the architectural and interior design teams, working collaboratively to meet the clients’ needs.

The new-age feel flows through from the outside, in. The minimalistic design of paired seating runs parallel through the building, with pops of peach, greys and turquoise complimenting the greenery and lighting that makes the area feel like home. Even the children have a dedicated play area to keep their minds and hands busy.

The insulation and natural light have allowed for an energy-efficient space; whilst creating a bright and welcoming space for patients.

Designing around restricted space does not place limits on successful design outcomes. Soundproofing measures were incorporated into the planning of the space. With consult rooms backing onto the waiting areas; achieving a space where patients would feel comfortable and dignified was integral.

The consult rooms are surprisingly spacious. Each of them designed around the needs of the consulting paediatrician and gynaecologists’; a clever strategy that has allowed for maximum consultation rooms.

A nurse’s station and staff facilities were not overlooked. A staff kitchen with a private space to allow for rest and break time plus a medical utility space provides a space for safe storage, laundry and access to medical supplies.

Milestone Medical have pride in knowing that their practice represents the quality of the work they do to help women and children lead healthy and happy lives and we thank them for trusting the Interite Healthcare medical fit out team to create their dream space.

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