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Hepatitis WA provides vital services and support to vulnerable people in the community. The interior design and fit-out teams at Interior Healthcare Interiors were consulted to help the organisation improve their space to better suit the functions they provide to their patients.

The design brief was to create an inviting space for both employees and people visiting the centre. Striving for a light and bright workplace that allowed both colleagues and clients to feel serene and calm was the focus. Interite Healthcare Interiors were dedicated to delivering a space that would feel naturally inviting, tranquil, and support the important work that Hepatitis WA does to assist the community.

There is a fine balance between a colour palette that results in a serene and harmonious environment and a colour palette that delivers a cold, clinical and lifeless environment. We successfully worked with the client to select textures, patterns and colours that were contrasting and not overly neutral to achieve the desired outcome.

Aligning with Hepatitis WA branding, a palette of soft-toned blues and greens, in accompaniment with an array of neutrals including warm timber, and stone looks were derived as the base structure for the design. This was then layered with complimentary contrasting feature colours such as ochre and terracotta. The result is a comfortable space that feels calming and inviting.

The colour palette is infused throughout the centre.

The soft deep green in the private offices provides highlights of colour filtering throughout the interior, to the open office and corridors. The depth of this colour communicates tranquillity within the workplace.

The gentle blue throughout the general practice, treatment rooms, and reception waiting areas inject vibrancy, yet a cool tone of calm, to create a light and welcoming space for clients. The blues of the kitchen correlate with those experienced upon entry, with a playful two-tone cabinetry design creating a sense of relaxing ease in this space.

All carpets used in the interior have a neutral base, the corridors are very simple in pattern, however, elsewhere features selections with depth and personality. The movement in these patterns inspires activity within the space without being detrimental to the overall feeling of calm and tranquillity. This is achieved through the thoughtful application.

We thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with Hepatitis WA to create and deliver a shared vision, the client entrusted Interite Healthcare Interiors to provide them with a space that is not only suitable to their needs but also achieves a space that is joyful to be in.

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