headspace Horsham

headspace Horsham

Clientheadspace Horsham

headspace is the National Youth Mental Health Foundation, providing early intervention for mental health services in clients from 12 – 25 years old.

headspace Horsham provides direct support to individuals, families and communities through the assistance of achieving stability and security in their lives, whilst also promoting the wellbeing of young individuals.

The brief outlined the importance of appealing to the younger users of the space, making them feel comfortable and welcomed, whilst providing effective and easy accessibility and wayfinding.

The use of colours throughout the design stayed on-brand for the headspace chain, whilst also influencing an environment tailored to the younger generations.

This 362sqm space spanned over a short eight weeks with a full scope of works, including the following: Full design, construction, project coordination, demolition, base-build works, new partitions, glazing, ceilings, feature walls, reception area, flooring, painting, breakout rooms and kitchen, restroom, branding, electrical, hydraulics, mechanics, IT, and joineries and furnishings.

Interite Healthcare Interiors are national rollout experts and can assist a wide range of mental health services.

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