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headspace Albany

Clientheadspace Albany

headspace is the National Youth Mental Health Foundation, providing early intervention for mental health services in clients from 12 – 25 years old.

headspace, Albany, provides direct support to individuals, families and communities through the assistance of achieving stability and security in their lives, whilst also promoting the wellbeing of young individuals.

Interite Healthcare Interiors successfully created and delivered a fun, energetic and approachable environment, that reaches the targeted demographic of clients for the space. The design concept in this space not only promotes engagement between the client and staff members, it also influences the encouragement for the intended clients to be excited to visit the space, without it feeling like a “chore.”

Inclusive of this, the materiality, capitalisation of natural lighting, and colour palette facilitates the brief’s desire for the tenancy to be approachable, productive and lively, whilst maintaining the alignment with the organisations brand and culture.

This 244sqm space was created during a short six weeks and now holds five counselling rooms, a general practitioner suite, meeting rooms, a separate entrance for clients and staff allowing increased accessibility and functionality, a centralised reception and waiting area, flexible small spaces and a staff room.

“Thoughtfully designed with great use of natural lighting and lovely headspace colour schemes.”

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