GPs on Bayview

GPs on Bayview

ClientGPs on Bayview

GPs on Bayview deliver the latest medical research and technology by healthcare professionals who are committed to all clients’ total wellbeing.

Interite Healthcare Interiors delivered a successful medical practice fitout for GPs on Bayview, resulting in a practice that promotes a professional, clean and reliable ambience to both staff, and clients.

The utilisation of a clean colour palette, incorporating light hues of blue, grey and white, reflects the cleanliness, brightness and professionalism of the brand and culture of GPs on Bayview. This colourisation is contrasted by warm floor boarding throughout the tenancy, offering the sense of contemporary timelessness.

The large, curved reception is designed to be approachable and impactful, immediately accessible through the stairway and each waiting area. The reception is framed with the warm use of soft down lights and a timber finish framing the wall, allowing for an ease of wayfinding and unique detailing.

This unique detailing is repeated throughout the space with the use of a decorative screen offering privacy and character to the modern and professional space.

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