Floreat Veterinary Centre

ClientFloreat Veterinary Centre

Floreat Veterinary Centre

Floreat Veterinary Centre is well under way with unique design concepts and a strong focus on excellent service delivery for all patients, large and small. This project is an great example of the flexibility, adaptability and creativity of the design and construct team, through the consideration of the client’s needs, requirements and objectives.  

The success as of yet has been achieved through the flexibility of meeting with the client after-hours due to client schedules and commitments, as well as creating a site of construction in which enables the clinic to continue operations throughout the entire refitting process. With Interite Healthcare Interiors’ Agile Project Delivery approach, the client was able to make changes to renders throughout the entire design process, enabling the team to accomplish and deliver a design accurately reflecting the client’s vision and goals.

The talented design team at Interite Healthcare Interiors has also created an innovative solution to the age-old issue of cats and dogs not getting along through the incorporation of separate zones within the large, spacious waiting room for each. This out-of-the-box thinking is a result of a comprehensive understanding of the client brief, expert knowledge, and empathy towards the main users of the space.

This project is heading to a successful completion, and the team, client and current and future patients are eager for the final result.

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