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LOCATION                                                      Epworth, VIC
COMPLETION                                                     2023

Layout and Workflow Design
Project & Site Management
Equipment Installation

Project Overview:

The Epworth Radiology Clinic, located within the Epworth Hospital, required an upgrade and refresh. To accomplish this, Interite Healthcare Interiors was hired to provide expert project management services throughout the design and fitout process. The relocation offered an opportunity to maximize the space, which included the addition of a new dedicated CT room to accommodate all equipment.

Interite Healthcare Interiors was responsible for overseeing the removal and distribution of all existing equipment while providing necessary shielding to comply with Australian Radiological Council requirements and clinic design standards.

The project was completed on time and within budget, resulting in a functional and aesthetically comforting space for both staff and clients. The project spanned across several months and was completed while the clinic remained fully operational. The Interite team provided a full scope of works, including project analysis, design development, project scope, removal of existing stud walls, wall framing, glazing, frosting, joinery, a CT room, an X-Ray room, an OPG room, restrooms, a workstation, and a waiting area.

The Interite Difference:
Interite Healthcare Interiors were specifically chosen for this project due to the challenging environment and schedule that was at hand. During the whole construction process, from demolition to handover, the clinic was fully operational. The expertise and unique experience that the Interite Team members possess allowed for a seamless delivery and execution of the project.

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