Interite Healthcare Interiors were presented with a brief that focused on the creation of a warm and welcoming atmosphere, which also provided all users with choice and adequate working space.

Interite delivered a concept, in which associates and presents EASA as a quality healthcare service and environment to the local area of Darwin.

The calming and homely atmosphere is facilitated through the creative use of a pastel colour palette, focusing on soft blue hues; coupled with the functional incorporation of nine counselling rooms and two large family consult spaces, with a fully equipped training space and tea-prep area. These design and construction elements influence a harmonious balance between visual aesthetics and functionality.

Unique challenges arose due to the budget and scope being unexpectedly reduced, however was overcame as a result of the team’s adaptability and experience. This led to the need to cohere to certain aesthetics throughout the base build, as the team began working with existing furnishings.

The successful design of the reception and waiting area provides users with a positive and impactful first impression through unique visual appeal of timber and clean, white surfaces. The easy wayfinding, accessibility, and durable and high-quality furnishings produce a range of choice, comfort and a sense of welcoming to all, demonstrating the excellent execution of the provided brief and client needs.

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