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Deaf Society

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This government funded, not-for-profit centre, renovation for the Deaf Society of NSW is one of our recent project accomplishments.

This particular tenancy required specialised visual wayfinding aspects in order to aid, assist and cater for clients whom suffer from hearing impairments.

Interite Healthcare Interiors delivered a visually appealing and functional space, maximising on the sense of feel and visuality, in order to create a greater positive client experience for patients. In doing so, the design concept adhered to all healthcare standards, providing a safe environment for all. The colours and materiality utilised throughout the space not only encouraged client comfort and engagement, it also reflected the brand and culture of the organisation.

This 285sqm space spanned across and quick two weeks, delivering minor base-build works and office layout adjustments, wall framing, glazing, frosting and installation of joineries, a deaf-friendly open plan space maximising on wheelchair accessibility, two flexible meeting areas and a free-flowing waiting area.

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