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Add Value to Your Vision Whilst Protecting Your Financial and Business Objectives

To assist you in this important undertaking, Interite Healthcare Interiors feature a Cost Consultancy service to deliver clarity surrounding your property decision-making and ensure the delivery of the best healthcare environment.

Interite Healthcare Interiors’ experienced team partners with practice managers, doctors and corporate healthcare outfits to configure essential data which is aligned to your unique situation. This individualised approach results in financial transparency and mitigates potential risk in building better healthcare.

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Added Quality And Value

Interite Healthcare Interiors’ Cost Consultancy service enables you to protect your financial and business objectives, adding quality plus value to your project via the following steps:
  • Initial collaboration with experienced Healthcare Interior Specialists to gather and input key data into custom project software from AWC,
  • Establishment of a comprehensive and accurate project costing framework to meet your unique needs and ultimately build better healthcare,
  • Simultaneous comparison of multiple property options to map and optimise viability,
  • Detailed breakdown of project costs for each property based on cost per m2,
  • Evaluation and preparation of breakeven costing for each property option to determine optimal fitout solutions, and
  • Identification of value engineering options and alternative design solutions to promote a value-for-money solution based on your decision.
Boardroom Consultation

Every property decision will significantly affect the future of your business.
Whether determining your budget, weighing up between premises, or determining a new location, enhance your property experience with Interite Healthcare Interiors Cost Consultancy service.

*Interite Healthcare Cost Consultancy is a subsidised service for our clients. An Agile project delivery methodology was shown to deliver projects in 30% less time and at 10% less cost in “Selecting Project Delivery Systems” by Victor Sandivo and Mark Konchar.

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