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Our Diverse Expertise Offers you Tailored Services for your Needs

Interite Healthcare Interiors is Proud to Offer a Diverse and Comprehensive Range of Services for Healthcare and Medical Fitouts

Our 30 year heritage has produced a proven service model, focusing on the cooperation of all project elements to maximise client returns.
This umbrella approach eliminates communication and collaborative delays, promoting adherence to time and budget parameters.

Services include:

  • Project feasibility reporting,
  • Property search and acquisition,
  • Dilapidation reports and building appraisals,
  • Project indicative pricing,
  • Site surveys,
  • Defit and decommissioning services, and
  • Full design and schematic services.

Specialists we design for

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Our integrated services include:

  • Principal contractor and construction management
  • Mechanical, electrical and hydraulic services
  • Branding and marketing
  • Finance
  • Procurement services
  • Bespoke furniture design and manufacture
  • Structural engineering services
  • National rollout capabilities
  • Project and site management
  • Cost Consultancy
  • Quality and cost control
  • OHS&E compliance & reporting
  • Funding assistance
  • Aftercare services

“A Better, Smarter and Faster Way”

  • Reduced project timelines: Open your practice sooner,
  • Less unforeseen items: Better for your budget,
  • Frequent buildability Reviews: Keep your project realistic and on track,
  • Design vs construction conflicts are largely alleviated,
  • Continuous supervision: Improved quality control, and
  • One project manager: Your single point of communication.

Design + Construct: An Old Idea With A 21st-Century Relevance

Interite Healthcare Interiors uses resources and experienced staff wisely, to create a healthcare design and construct process to improve your clinic efficiently and effectively. 

To achieve this, the Agile Project Delivery model was developed. By running the design and construction phases alongside each other, your projects can be delivered faster, and for less cost than the traditional design-then-build approach.

This model has the designer and builder working side-by-side from day one, creating faster, smoother projects that add significant value to your practice.

Rest assured, you can trust our team to deliver your medical fitout seamlessly. 

Benefits of the Agile Project Delivery model include:

Interite Healthcare Interiors’ Design-Construct scheme is both economical and practical in constructing new healthcare facilities. This method, that has been around since ancient times, refers to the master builder accepting full responsibility for designing and constructing your project, from conception to completion.

  • Traditional Design- Bid-Construct System
  • Involves multiple contractors
  • No single point of contact for customer
  • Risk of budget overruns
  • You bear the risk of the final build
  • Increased risk of delays
  • Design-Construct System
  • Single entity responsible
  • One point of contact for you
  • Reduced risk for budget overruns
  • Design-builder owns the final build
  • Simplified process and moderated timelines
Agile Approach to healthcare design and construct

Evolve and Adapt With The Healthcare Industry Today

Interite Healthcare Interiors Agile Design and Construct project delivery methodology is proven to deliver projects in 30% less time and at 10% less cost.*

Find your New Healthcare Property with Interite Healthcare. Our Property Search will Find your New, Quality Healthcare Space ASAP.
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Interite Healthcare Interiors was established with its core vision to deliver client projects: BETTER + FASTER + SMARTER

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