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Culture in a medical environment


Patients are now doing more than just bemoan a lack of “bedside manner” from their practitioners.  They are now voting with their feet and seek a healthcare professional that meets their emotional AND physical needs. This means you owe it to your practice to get on board! What does “culture” even mean in a medical...
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How Much will Refurbishing Cost Me?

You want to calculate your refurbishing cost but, don’t know where to start? Are you thinking of renovating your clinic but too busy to calculate the cost by yourself? Renovating your healthcare practice is essentially a good business move. A functional and effective design has healing elements that are beneficial, not only for your patients...
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Ways Teamwork Can Improve Your Bottom Line

Teamwork is vital in any organisations, especially in the healthcare industry. But with competing operational demands, conflicting priorities and the constant push-pull needs to work around, it can become too easy for silos to develop sabotaging outcomes. Here are 3 ways to improve employee teamwork in the healthcare setting  and ultimately boost your bottom line:...
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Why Move Out When You Can Refurbish?

Why Move Out When You Can Refurbish? Running out of space can be a good problem to have if it means your business is growing. When the rubber hits the road, which method of growing your healthcare practice or medical clinic is really right for you?   It is appealing to just up stumps and...
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Is your Healthcare Practice Experiencing Growing Pains?

  But you need to take action to stop your growth negatively impacting the quality of your service delivery or even sabotaging future gains. Here are 3 areas you can assess healthcare practise : 1. Technology Technology has evolved exponentially in recent years with innumerable innovations now available to the healthcare industry. Even adopting simple strategies...
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Do You Want a Fab Fitout but on a Budget?

Do you want a fab fitout, but on a budget? How to get the healthcare facility you’ve always dreamed of without breaking the bank. Do you find yourself drooling over high end healthcare facility designs and finishes, and wishing your facility could look as good? Did you know that professional interior designers can transform your...
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How Do You Attract and Retain Quality GPS?

How Do You Attract and Retain Quality GPs? Today’s generation of GPs want more than a consult room to call their own. They also want to be part of something bigger, to work for a practice they can be proud of and one which best represent their talents. So how can you find and keep...
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5 Ways to Make Sure Your Space Supports Mental Health

5 Ways to Make Sure Your Space Supports Mental Health Is your healthcare facility helping the whole person? Mental health issues are on the rise. There’s been a huge jump in anxiety alone with a National Health Survey done by the Australian Bureau of Statistics clocking up a massive rise in anxiety statistics from 3.8%...
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How to Become a Standout Veterinary Provider

How to Become a Standout Veterinary Provider In a crowded market sector, why should customers choose your veterinary practice? More than just ‘pets’ With consumers becoming increasingly savvy, veterinary clinics that don’t upgrade their practice away from the cold, clinical vet of yester-year will be increasingly shunned by a public who are now viewing their furry friends more as part...
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