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Why Sitting Too Much Is Bad For You

The word is out. Sitting Is The New Smoking, The Silent Killer Of Today’s Modern Age. Researchers and medical practitioners both in Australia and globally have declared war against ‘excessive sitting’. Whilst the dangers of living a sedentary lifestyle is not new, there is abundant fresh research unveiling alarming facts that you can’t just take...
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3 Principles To Improve Health

Healthcare facility paradigms are rapidly changing. Designers and builders have an even broader opportunity to improve health and wellbeing beyond the walls of a facility. Whilst natural light, views of nature, and improved way finding as means to promote healing are commonplace, rethinking where care is delivered and proactively improve health is a continuing challenge....
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Health and wellness areas

Designing On-Site Health And Wellness Areas

The future of workplace design hangs in the balance as many company HR executives are beginning to truly understand the need for environments that promote health and wellness for employees. No More Grey Cubicles Gone are the days of dull grey cubicles arranged in cramped sections that created an entire generation of mentally and physically...
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The Face Of Patient Engagement

Patient engagement is hot. It has become the new buzz word in the healthcare industry. There is an increasingly common belief among hospital executives and healthcare organisations that patient and family engagement must be a key driver in the transformation of the healthcare delivery system. There is an increasingly common belief among hospital executives and healthcare...
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Integrating Biophillic Design In The Built Environment

Integrating Biophilic Design Into The Built Environment

Why do certain places make us feel good? Anthropologists tell us we are hardwired to respond to nature. People viscerally respond to the same relationships in architecture because they make us feel good. These sensations are known as biophilia. Many healthcare and medical fitouts are now integrating biophilic design into the built environment. Biophilia Most people...
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