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Mental Health Clinic Design

A Safe, Welcoming Space For Clients And Their Families

Mental illnesses and mental health require specialist care and a specialist environment.

Interite Healthcare Interiors guide and assist you to craft a specialised and compassionate environment, customised to your mental health and rehabilitative needs.

Interite Healthcare Interiors’ skilled and experienced team of architects will use your mental health clinic design brief as the guiding principle, and provide a spatial layout offering sanctuary, support and safety to your staff and patients.

The critical and delicate nature of your work is fully acknowledged. The focus is on supporting the efforts of your highly skilled doctors, nurses, and other allied health specialists in providing the highest quality care.

Psychiatry Clinics

Safe, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing environments offer the therapeutic space needed to address complex client needs.

We know that the physical environment and layout plays an important role in the ability to generate rapport and uncover the core needs of our clients, and Interite Healthcare Interiors work together with you to make this a reality.

From colour selection, to furniture placement and the introduction of natural elements, Interite Healthcare Interiors are able to ensure your space fosters a sense of openness, connectivity and security.

Designing and Building Mental Health specialist facilities which offer sanctuary, support and safety to all.

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Interite Healthcare Interiors was established with its core vision to deliver client projects: BETTER + FASTER + SMARTER

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