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One of the fastest moving areas of innovation in recent years is the field of healthcare practice environments.

Many practitioners in the healthcare industry concentrate on their clinical skills but overlook the influence their medical practice design has on their patient and staff experience.

How does interior design impact patient experience?

Your healthcare practice speaks as much about you as your reputation does. Your clinic, through its interior design and fit out, needs to cater for and support the medical services you provide. This will make for a successful practice and result in satisfied clients.

Elements such as (and not limited to) acoustics, discretion, selected colours, entertainment, items for replenishment and the comfort of furnishings can all have a detrimental impact on how your patients feel. Designing a clinical space without the traditional clinical feel is the core of human-centered design.

Outstanding medical practices start with an outstanding environment. To learn more about human-centered design visit here.

How can Interite Healthcare Interiors assist in the process?

Whether you need to renovate your waiting and reception areas or require a complete medical clinic design and fit out, the dedicated team at Interite Healthcare Interiors can take care of the entire process with minimal disruption.

Why? Our Project Managers and Interior Designers always work with you to have a clear understanding of your needs and explain all facets of the fitout process.

It is our mission to achieve excellence in every project we deliver.

Over the decades, we’ve worked with many of Australia’s leading service providers in the healthcare business to produce stunning medical fitouts. We collaborate with you to provide a space that is functional and flexible yet stylish and comfortable; modernising your business and providing a level of interior comfort and design that reflects your expertise and your services.

Our team can assist you in every way. From property sourcing and financing, budget and time planning, concept and construction to handover. You can be rest assured your project is managed and completed from the initial meeting, to design and complete build.

Our agile approach to medical and healthcare fitouts means that you have all the benefits and services of consultancy, construction, project management and design all under one roof, with one accessible and convenient point of contact.

Interite Healthcare Interiors make the process seamless and stress-free so you can get on with the things most important to you.

Not sure where to start?

Project the perfect combination of professionalism and serenity, we can achieve your dream medical fitout within your budget and timeframe, often with minimal or no disruption to your services.

We will help guide you to avoid costly mistakes that can be easily made if considerations regarding the property, design, construction and fitout are not done early in the process without consulting professionals.

Why not view some of our healthcare fitouts here.

You can also use our free medical fitout cost estimator to give you a budget calculation for your healthcare clinic renovation, refit or relocation project.

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Designing and Building a specialised clinical environment of quality to match the quality of care provided within.


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