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Day Hospitals

Built on the foundation of efficiency, a Day Hospital’s key objective is providing specialised treatment, assessment, or rehabilitation throughout the day and allowing patients to return home, or to another healthcare facility, at night.

Interite Healthcare Interiors understand that such outpatient facilities require streamlined functionality to ensure optimal efficiency, effectiveness and workflow in service delivery.

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    A well-designed and constructed layout is essential in making this possible; coupled with the critical incorporation of appropriate wayfinding to assist in navigation and processes, whilst still remaining aesthetically appealing and on brand.

    Interite Healthcare Interiors’ expert team have the experience, skill set and passion to uniquely achieve a harmonious balance of critical functionality and comfort to, not only improve service delivery, but also patient experience.

    Reach out to Interite Healthcare Interiors today, and begin your journey to a better healthcare environment.

    For more information about how we can help you Design + Build better day hospitals, please download our Day Hospitals Capability Brochure.

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