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Community Health Centres

At Interite Healthcare Interiors, we understand the specific functions and needs of Community Health Centres (CHCs) nation-wide. With the aim to provide a broad range of services to local populations, particularly those with the poorest health and greater economic and social needs, CHCs see a high volume of patients for varying services.
In order to maintain an ease in service delivery, CHCs often house many different staffing groups to provide each health service. With varying staffing groups working within the one location, the need for a cleverly designed layout and arrangement to optimise functionality and workflow is crucial.
The right design for a CHC will allow each staffing group to work seamlessly together to facilitate a streamline of efficient healthcare services to all patients, without inhibiting other staff members’ consultations, procedures and services.

CHC Drug and Alcohol

Addiction and dependency on drugs and alcohol have serious risks and side effects. Interite Healthcare Interiors understand that such conditions require acute services to ensure the immediate and long-term optimum health of patients. Community Health Centres (CHCs) providing such healthcare services require tenancy’s and locations in which reflect a positive environment to encourage, engage and comfort clients suffering from any usage side effects. Just as a main element of CHCs for drug and alcohol care should utilise design elements to ensure patient safety and care, other design considerations must be incorporated to guarantee staff safety.

CHC Mental Health

With a vast range of mental health disorders, and each varying in severity, it is essential that all Community Mental Health Centres cater for each one to provide safe and comforting environments. Interite Healthcare Interiors understand the importance of designing and constructing a healthcare space in which reflect each mental health patient’s needs. This includes simple layout designs of bedrooms and facilities to mitigate incoherency, the appropriate use of textures, artworks and patterns to inhibit false depth perceptions or traumatic emotions, the utilisation of anti-ligature furnishings, and much more. What may be aesthetically pleasing to you, may not be the most appropriate choice for patients suffering from mental health; emphasising the crucial involvement of an experienced healthcare design and construct team.


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