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3 Reasons Culture Matters More In Medicine

Why culture matters in medicine

Patients are now doing more than just bemoan a lack of “bedside manner” from their practitioners.  They are now voting with their feet and finding a healthcare professional that meets their emotional needs as well as their physical ones, which means you owe it to your practice to get on board!

What does “culture” even mean in a medical setting?

When health and wellbeing are in the balance, isn’t it better to just “get the job done”?

Here’s 3 reasons why Human Centred Design is becoming more than just a buzzword in the healthcare industry:

  1. People are more informed

Before you start scoffing about diagnosis-by-internet, it is not just sniffles and spots which consumers are turning to Google to understand.

More than ever before, peer-to-peer reviews are becoming the measuring stick other consumers are looking at before they make their own decisions.

If your healthcare practice is getting shoddy reviews by patients or even by departing staff based on their experience, it will severely affect your future prospects.

  1. User needs have changed

The world today is vastly different to what we were, even 20 years ago.

Technology is prevalent everywhere, making small tokens such as the provision of charging stations for mobile devises and access to free wi-fi the perks patients are looking for when choosing where to book an appointment.

In out fast-paced modern age, respecting everyone’s time as valuable goes down a treat, making clear wayfinding, efficient layout and broadcasted wait times important in keeping clientele, as well as making the day run smoothly for staff.

  1. Retention reduces expense

Healthcare professionals are always in high demand and often get to take their pick when it comes to choosing their practice.

When considering the cost of recruiting and the added income a valuable and proficient medical professional brings into the business, losing them due to a substandard organisational culture is a cost you cannot afford to bear.

It takes so little time, energy and money to promote an engaged and enthusiastic way of working and the returns are huge.

A positive culture needs to be role modelled from the top and integrated with working policies and procedures to really succeed.  However, the benefits are well worth the effort with your staff, patients and bottom line all quickly feeling the positive impact of a healthy, human centred, healthcare culture.

Interite Healthcare Interiors would love the opportunity to help deliver your human centred healthcare practice.  To book an obligation free consultation with one of our healthcare design specialists, contact us today on 1800 973 236 or via email at [email protected] or click here to see how we can help your practice stand out.

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