Green And Sustainable

Dedicated to doing business in an environmentally sustainable way

Green And Sustainable Healthcare Design

Interite Healthcare Interiors ensures all activities and services are designed to enhance the environment, and safeguard the operations so that the local community and natural environment is not at risk.

As far as is practicable, Interite Healthcare Interiors ensure all sourced products have a genuine Green Accreditation and that each supplier is dedicated to performing business in an environmentally sustainable way.

Nurturing Nature

Leading medical practices are diverting away from the traditional sterile outlook of healthcare facilities, and towards more comfortable and relaxing healing spaces. Studies confirm that green and sustainable biophilic design promotes contact and an affiliation with nature which can:

  • Alleviate stress,
  • Relax blood pressure, and
  • Even reduce the need for pain medication.

Interite Healthcare Interiors achieves this by incorporating organic elements and representations of nature into the design and build of your project.


Interite Healthcare Interiors was established with its core vision to deliver client projects: BETTER + FASTER + SMARTER

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