healthcare design

There is no difference between a new medical space that provides all the flexibility of a blank canvas or an existing space that needs some revitalisation and additional functionality. From a design perspective, the common denominator here is the application of a Human-Centred Design approach. Human-Centred Design is a term that Interite Healthcare Interiors pride...
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Have you ever felt overwhelmed with the hospital signages when you went for your appointment? Or found yourself walking in circles to find the consulting room? You are not alone.  According to Richard Matyear’s article from “The human cost of hospital navigation issues”, 30% of first-time visitors get confused and lost in hospitals due to the...
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group of deaf people
Based on the World Health Organisation, around 466 million people worldwide have disabling hearing loss and the numbers are estimated to grow by 2050 with over 900 million people. The interior design demands for hearing loss is not as observable as spaces for blindness or mobility reduction. The requirements are more subtle when it comes...
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Culture in a medical environment
Patients are now doing more than just bemoan a lack of “bedside manner” from their practitioners.  They are now voting with their feet and seek a healthcare professional that meets their emotional AND physical needs. This means you owe it to your practice to get on board! What does “culture” even mean in a medical...
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Peel Orthodontics Dental Clinic Design
One in every four adults is likely to experience some degree of anxiety and fear when visiting the dentist. The quality of patient and staff experience can be improved significantly with an expert dental surgery design. A good dental practice design should consider the following: A.  Chair position and orientation Good chair orientation aids privacy and...
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