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Interite Healthcare Interiors is a national design and construct firm specialising in healthcare interiors and growing at a phenomenal rate.


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      Become a part of a national team of industry leaders and help create a first-hand difference to the Australian healthcare industry.

      “Choose a company where your passion and expertise are valued every day.”

      Key Personnel

      Winston Judd
      Karen Sawyer
      Tania Bondoc

      Winston Judd
      Managing Director

      Karen Sawyer
      People & Culture Coordinator

      Tania Bondoc
      Recruitment Administrator

      Quentin Morren
      Jacqueline Cunningham
      David Timmins
      Paul Vaile

      Quentin Morren
      National Project Director

      Jacqueline Cunningham
      National Creative Design Leader

      David Timmins
      National Technical Design Manager

      Paul Vaile
      National Construction Manager

      Montserrat Western Haematology Thumbnail

      Check Interite Healthcare Interiors’ recently completed project for Western Haematology

      A successful project is achieved through professionalism, creativity and team-work. Without a skilled team whom are proud of the work they do and the projects they produce, amazing results such as the Western Haematology project would not be possible. Are you interested in joining a collaborative and passionate team?

      Employee Perspective

      Kate Manser

      I describe Interite Healthcare Interiors as ‘my tribe’ because everyone’s in it together and working towards the same goal. I love the opportunities I’m given to extend myself as a creative person and make what I believe is a real difference to people through the work I do. The fact that my colleagues are awesome at what they do, and just generally a great bunch, is the cherry on top.

      Kate Manser – Creative Design Coordinator

      Ari Kahura

      Interite Healthcare Interiors is great in terms of flexibility and the opportunity it offered me after relocating interstate. The company is very approachable, and I’ve enjoyed working somewhere that invests in the individual and is genuine in partnering with them so that both parties benefit.

      Ari Kahura – Project Accounts Officer

      Nishan Yasaratna

      Since I’ve come on board with Interite Healthcare Interiors a few months ago, I’ve been constantly encouraged to deliver the best outcomes possible, and it’s a challenge I’ve wholeheartedly embraced. With my role so directly tied to impacting the bottom line, I’m aware that what I do helps to safeguard the organisation’s future and that makes me pretty proud.

      Nishan Yasaratna – Contracts Administrator

      David Timmins

      Interite Healthcare Interiors is a company poised to take its place as an industry leader in delivering optimal healthcare spaces to the Australian market, and I’m extremely proud to be a part of that process. Our work is a mixture of creativity and intention; making sure we’re providing ‘out of the box’ solutions to customers that still perform in terms of functionality. Our process is being continually refined and our services are in demand. It’s an exciting time with such a satisfying feeling.

      David Timmins – National Technical Design Manager

      Frequently Asked Questions

      What is your recruitment process?

      Whether you’ve had previous dealings with Interite Healthcare Interiors’ in-house recruitment specialists, or you are yet to reach out, the goal is to ensure you are provided with a rewarding candidate experience to build relationships for future opportunities.

      Through Interite Healthcare Interiors’ dedicated Recruitment and People and Culture department, all shortlisted candidates are provided with the opportunity to distinguish their applications through:

      1. Targeted candidate questions: Every answer you take the time to provide is carefully read and considered,
      2. Friendly and informative phone screenings to share all necessary information needed for you to make an informed decision,
      3. Progressive Skype interviews where you can put your best foot forward in the comfort of your own home,
      4. Access to psychometric and industry specific evaluations to help all parties quantify the capability and cultural fit required to move forward,
      5. Genuine, face-to-face interviews with relevant line management in your local capital city to let you get a feel for your future team,
      6. Provision of honest and timely updates and feedback to keep you informed of the status of your application, and
      7. The facilitation of enduring relationships through social media connections to keep you advised of opportunities as they arise.

      What is the company culture?

      As an organisation, Interite Healthcare Interiors has made a commitment to go ‘Beyond’.

      ‘Beyond’ is a simple way to describe the team’s way of working, and the outcomes delivered to each client.

      Interite Healthcare Interiors understand this competitive market requires industry leaders to set themselves apart, through the exceptional customer experience they provide and their staff.

      In turn, Interite Healthcare Interiors understand an exceptional customer experience is a result of an accumulation of many small, intentional positive actions displayed by every team member. Such actions are not just within technical performance, but in character, culture and good old-fashioned comradery.

      Interite Healthcare Interiors know success is a team effort. This One Team approach is what binds each team member together and has resulted in such an exponential expansion and industry domination over such a short period of time.

      What are the company policies?

      Interite Healthcare Interiors is governed by a stringent and articulated Code of Conduct, which all staff are bound to as part of their employment contract.

      This Code is supported by robust company policies and advocates:

      • A ‘Beyond’ approach in all dealings with customers, clients, co-workers, suppliers, management and the general public,
      • Compliance with all health and safety rules, responsibilities and practices at all times,
      • Compliance with all company policies, procedures, rules, and contractual obligations,
      • Compliance with all relevant industry legislative requirements in the performance of all duties,
      • The adherence to the confidentiality of any information, records or other sensitive material,
      • Ensuring proper intended use of and respect for equipment, information, electronic systems, supplies and property (including intellectual property),
      • A zero-tolerance policy in relation to violence, offensive language, discrimination, harassment, bullying or possession/consumption of drugs and/or alcohol in the workplace, and
      • The adherence to articulated Dispute Resolution Policy and Disciplinary Policy to maintain a safe and equitable workplace for all staff.

      Do you have training & developmental opportunities?

      1st Quarter Support Program
      Interite Healthcare Interiors understand that starting a new job can sometimes feel like the first day at a new school. To make sure you feel as equipped as possible, Interite Healthcare Interiors has developed a 1st Quarter Support Program to guide you through the first three months of employment.

      With assistance from a dedicated support person from our People and Culture department you are provided with:

      • Access to regular feedback delivered in a supportive and constructive way to show you where to focus your efforts,
      • The ability to articulate your experience with the company, as well as pointing out where we could improve,
      • Opportunities to designate S.M.A.R.T Goals (Specific/Measurable/Achievable/Relevant/Time-oriented) and methods to achieve them month-by-month, and
      • An overall rating out of 10 provided monthly which helps you keep track of your progress.

      Your role is as important to the company as it is to you and Interite Healthcare Interiors wants you to succeed!

      Performance Development Program

      Each employee plays a valuable part in delivering a ‘Beyond’ experience to both clients and colleagues.

      Interite Healthcare Interiors invests in its staff base through its Performance Development Program which directly follows from the 1st Quarter Support program and is facilitated by members of the People and Culture department in combination with departmental heads and senior management.

      Through one-on-one support sessions, Interite Healthcare Interiors collaboratively input on your performance to date vs the delineated KPI’s, and use the opportunity to outline any incentives, training opportunities, career development pathway adjustments and other acknowledgements most relevant to the person and the role.

      In-house training

      With in-house qualifications including former Lecturers at the Australian International College of Commerce and a focus on the facilitation of Adult Learning, Interite Healthcare Interiors has a long history of providing targeted training to ensure its workforce stays apprised of industry developments and equipped to deliver ‘Beyond’ projects in the field of healthcare workspaces.

      What are the benefits of working with Interite Healthcare Interiors?

      Specialised industry
      Interite Healthcare Interiors is uniquely placed to leverage its experience in the national healthcare industry in a time where Australian consumers are more informed and qualified about their healthcare options than ever before.

      With service providers needing to maintain their competitive edge, as well as maintain a highly functional, yet pleasingly aesthetic space for patients in which to heal, Interite Healthcare Interiors has the opportunity to make a tactile difference in the lives of the Australian populace while asserting its market share in this specialised industry.

      EPIC Employee Participation Software
      Using a participation focus instead of a performance focus, EPIC’s success in gathering quantifiable data is due to the weekly micro-surveys which staff find quick, easy and rewarding through the allocation of redeemable points.

      EPIC is a tool for staff to connect with each other (great for staff which are geographically diverse!) and have their voice heard by company decision makers. It’s also a good way to goal set and reap the rewards of being a team-player.

      With more employees wanting to input and contribute to the companies they work for, Interite Healthcare Interiors is proud of its recent achievement of being rated 5th globally as the ‘Company to Work For’ amongst companies with 20-100 employees world-wide.

      Professional Network
      Interite Healthcare Interiors’ formation and development of highly qualified and culturally committed individuals has resulted in a cohesive, and extremely capable collective, working together within articulated systems and processes to fluidly deliver outcomes.

      With staff including registered builders, qualified engineers, quantity surveyors, architectural designers and human environmental specialists, Interite Healthcare Interiors are professional and capable, and definitely worth getting to know!

      On-site Support Services
      All key support services including finance, marketing, HR and workplace relations, and IT are in-house and onsite to make sure you’re never left waiting around for an external provider to get to your problem.

      Multiple Locations
      With offices Australia-wide, Interite Healthcare Interiors work with employees when their geographic needs change. Imagine if you could move States without changing jobs – now that’s a benefit!

      Where are you located?

      We have offices nationally across Australia: In Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth.

      Melbourne – Level 1, 90 William St, Melbourne, VIC 3000
      Sydney – Suite 3.09, 100 Collins Street, Alexandria, NSW 2015
      Brisbane – Level 1 / 127 Creek Street, Brisbane QLD 4000
      Perth – Level 1/10 Tacoma Circuit, Canning Vale, WA 6155

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      Rated 5thGlobally as the ‘Company to Work’ for*

      *Rating provided by EPIC Employee Engagement software amongst companies with 20-100 employees globally.

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