World Mental Health Day: Make A Promise

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World Mental Health Day is this week on October 10. This day is an annual initiative of the World Federation for Mental Health to increase awareness, educate and advocate for the world’s mental health.

As Interite Healthcare Interiors works closely with numerous mental health facilities and mental health service organisations, we see the direct care mental health patients need in order to help them live their life to the fullest. Depending on the mental health condition and diagnosis, a lot of these patients just want to live a normal fulfilling life.

Interite Healthcare Interiors believes that by getting behind World Mental Health Day we can help bridge the gap in mental health perception. We also can help by continuing to work hard to allow mental health patients to visit and live in environments that are safe, unlimited, supportive and not stigmatised.

So How Can You Or Your Organisation Help?

Put your promise onto the World Mental Health Day Promise Wall, by simply jumping onto their webpage. Let us know what your promise is and let’s work together.

For more ways to show support for this day or more information regarding mental health facilities, reach out to us at Interite Healthcare Interiors.

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