World Cancer Day – February 4

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World Cancer Day – February 4

Natassja Wynhorst

Today the world is uniting together in the fight against the growing global cancer epidemic.

World Cancer Day is a day dedicated to raising awareness and education about the disease, ultimately aiming to save millions of preventable deaths each year.

The team at Interite Healthcare Interiors holds this cause close to our hearts and aims to support this day with the continued support to the UICC Global Cancer Control and many of our local clients and organisations specialising in cancer research and treatments.

In support of this day, we hope to educate and raise awareness to all our readers.

Did you know?

  • There were 17-million new cases of cancer in 2018,
  • There were about 9.6-million deaths from cancer in 2018, and
  • About 33% of cancer cases worldwide are linked to tobacco smoke exposure.

What are some preventative measures you can take?

  • Avoid tabacoo,
  • Eat a healthy diet,
  • Be physically active,
  • Stay sun smart,
  • Get vaccinated for Hepatitis B and HPV,
  • Don’t share needs, and
  • Get regular medical check-ups.

This is a topic that needs to be addressed on a regular basis, with further awareness, advocacy and research. If you would like to join Interite Healthcare Interiors and get involved in this special cause, visit to find out how you can help, or contact Interite today for more information.

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