Why Sitting Too Much Is Bad For You

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The word is out.

Sitting Is The New Smoking, The Silent Killer Of Today’s Modern Age.

Researchers and medical practitioners both in Australia and globally have declared war against ‘excessive sitting’. Whilst the dangers of living a sedentary lifestyle is not new, there is abundant fresh research unveiling alarming facts that you can’t just take ‘sitting down’.

VIDEO: Watch this animated video which sums up the adverse effects to the body of too much sitting.

According to the ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics), overall sedentary activity occupied, on average, 39 hours per week for adults, of which 10 hours were at work and 29 hours was in leisure (including transport). The physical activity of many people, both in Australia and around the world is less than the optimal level recommended to gain health benefit.

We move from the seated position of a car to a predominately seated position at work, then return to the car before we sit for dinner and watching TV or using mobile devices of an evening. Scary stuff isn’t it.

Your favourite comfy chair is taking on a sinister new role as it moves up the rankings of public health’s Most Wanted list along with its accomplices – the TV, computer, smartphone, tablet, game console and social media – make moving and standing up such a formidable challenge.

Arguably the biggest challenge is getting people off their butts during work hours. However progressive and welfare concerned companies now are changing business practices and moving towards innovations like ‘stand-up meetings’, ‘stand-up desks’, ‘height adjustable desks’ and ‘active desks’ to circumvent these challenges. The results have proven to show credible improvements in getting people moving at work and increasing productivity and reducing absenteeism as a byproduct.

With the recent attention ‘too much sitting’ is getting in the recent years, health advocates are getting a solid spark of renewed interest grounded on health and welfare reasons. The Department of Health has guidelines for Physical Activity and Sedentary Behaviour for all ages.

Interite Healthcare Interiors is a strong advocate of the movement to healthier working practices and looks to design not only workplaces but clinics and medical practices based on these fundamentals in mind. WANT TO KNOW MORE – find out more about Active working interventions in the workplace by completing the short form below.

So, how many hours a day do you spend sitting down? If the answer is probably “too many” then is it now time to move to a healthier workplace environment and practice with Interite Healthcare Interiors today.

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