Why Should Your Waiting Room Be Your Main Priority?

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Healthcare practices consist of many rooms dedicated to various specified functions and tasks. Waiting room design should be a priority.

Natassja Wynhorst

In the past few years, one of the most important rooms is the waiting room, however, it is not often the most important with the practitioners.

In the design and construction of progressive healthcare facilities, the waiting area is being tailored to the patients, as in the modern day there is a greater understanding of the importance of the waiting room.

So, Why Is The Waiting Area So Important And Needs A Clear Design Concept For Success?

So long, stress

It is common knowledge that patients coming into a medical facility may be stressed, and this anxiety inhibits any healing processes and ultimately causes irritation and, at times, irrational behaviours. Waiting for long periods of time in a sterile and clinical environment will not mitigate any of these emotions, therefore the careful design of the area should incorporate a relaxing colour palette, comfortable furniture and calming aesthetics to make the waiting process as enjoyable as possible.

Modern Waiting Room Design

Impressive impressions

The first impression of a practice is critical, as it impacts the mindset your clients have on your working environment and ultimately is the deciding factor if they are going to be cooperative, relaxed, trusting in you and whether they will return in future. In most cases, the first room a patient walks into is the waiting room, which in turn, means the waiting room influences the first impression, emphasising the importance of the area’s design concepts.

Free and functional

As mentioned, the waiting area is the first point of arrival and generally the first point of contact with your support staff and administration staff. Therefore, the design of the layout is critical for a successful workflow and functionality. A well-designed area is one that optimises the space so that the patients and employees can always freely move about and be unobstructed.

Patient-initiated violence

Patient-initiated violence is a component that cannot be dismissed in a healthcare facility. The safety and security of your staff and other patients is the highest of priorities, and your staff in the waiting room is your front line of defense. Having a direct line of sight from the reception desk to the waiting area and main consultation rooms assist in the mitigation of any violent or disrespectful behaviours.

Contrary to what many may believe, the waiting area of a practice, clinic or hospital is vitally important. This is because it is a significantly influential area for the patient’s perception of you and your practice, and the functionality of the day-to-day workings.

The waiting area enhances the commitment to patient-centric care, or if designed incorrectly it can weaken it.

Have a look at your waiting area today, and put yourself in your patients’ shoes; what’s your “first” impression of the space?

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