Why a Vision and Strategy Meeting is Important for you

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Okay, so you would like to create a new medical practice or refit your current one, but do you know where to start? Have you thought about the importance of defining the vision and strategy for this project first?


A vision and strategy meeting is the facilitation of formalised and documented businesses management processes, which are used to guide the design and construction of the goals and outcomes for the project. During this meeting, the client and Interite Healthcare Interiors will create an understanding of the client’s vision, set priorities, and focus resources to achieve the new practice’s desired design and establish its competitive advantage in the congested marketplace. So, let’s discuss the importance and the key benefits to have a well thought out vision and strategy; have you thought about yours?

It keeps you proactive

A vision and strategy meeting assists you to essentially see the future and prepare appropriately. Through the process of strategic planning, you will be able to understand the risks and issues that may arise before, during, and after your practice’s design and construction. With a strong plan facilitated during this meeting, you will then have the ability to be proactive, rather than reacting to an unfavourable and unanticipated situation.

It gives you direction

Do you find yourself finishing one task and then thinking what’s next? A vision and strategy meeting assists in defining a sense of direction and establishes realistic goals and objectives which align with your vision. It creates a plan of what comes next after one goal is achieved and creates a foundation for overall success.

It increases your market share and profitability

Through a productive vision and strategy meeting and the creation of achievable strategic plans, you will be able to gain an insight into the congested marketplace of the medical industry. This will support you to interpret trends, consumer segments, and the products and services affecting success. This approach should be targeted and well thought out to achieve increased profitability and market share.


Almost 70% of your project costs are defined before the design and construction commencement. At Interite Healthcare Interiors, the understanding of the importance of strategic planning is a large aspect of any project, however, many other companies do not see its significance.

A vision and strategy meeting is the main critical element before our design and construction processes, as without it, you will not have an agile project delivery. Let us help you create a clear vision and strategic plan for your practice’s success. Contact us today.

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