What You Need To Know Before Designing For Dementia

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The interaction between numerous impairments presents challenges in the designing aspect for dementia patients. Let’s take a further look into the complexities of designing for dementia.

Ramifications of the ‘wrong design

The more impaired a patient is, the more an environment must compensate for the impairments. In the designing and constructing of the physical environment in which a patient suffering from dementia is spending most of their time, there are serious ramifications if the design aspect is done wrong. This includes slips, trips, falls, distressed behaviours of excess and omission, ‘death by boredom’, and a reduction in the quality of life.

Social principles to keep in mind for dementia design

In order to reduce and avoid the potential ramifications of an incorrect design, there are nine simple social principles to keep in mind when in the design phase of a dementia facility: Maximise independence, compensate for the disabilities, demonstrate care for staff, enhance self-esteem and confidence, allow control of stimuli, provide a scope for ordinary activities, welcome relatives and the community, be orientating and understandable and reinforce the personal identities.

Patients suffering from dementia have all the impairments linked to normal healthy ageing, yet they also have additional medical conditions and do not understand why. Designing a  space in which reflects the way they need to use their environment and makes them feel safe and secure is essential.

Interite Healthcare Interiors Understand The Complexities Behind Designing For Such A Complex Disease And Are Experts In The Field.

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