West Australians, It’s Time To Change

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Have you heard about West Australians’ poor lifestyle choices driving up healthcare costs?

Well, we definitely have. WA Health has shown alarming figures of the bad lifestyles in the state, which are contributing to potentially preventable chronic diseases, reaching about $868.9 million. That sum alone is just the cost for hospital care, which involved approximately 223,788 cases.

So, what are these poor lifestyle choices that West Australians are taking on? They include smoking, excess drinking, overeating, consumption of high amounts of sugar and fat, drug use and laziness. This is not saying that all West Australian’s are representing these unhealthy habits, however a staggering amount are.

About 31 Per Cent Of The Burden Of Chronic Disease In Australia Could Be Prevented If Less People Were Overweight, And Here In WA We Have A Growing Obesity Epidemic, Which Needs To Be Turned Around,” Stated WA Health Minister, Roger Cook.

Below are costs for potentially preventable chronic diseases in the past few years, release by WA Health:

  • Osteoarthritis – $239.27 million,
  • Coronary heart disease – $145.03 million,
  • Chronic kidney disease – $106.87 million,
  • Cerebrovascular disease (associated with high blood pressure) – $83.26 million,
  • Depression – $73.47 million,
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease – $49.96 million,
  • Oral disease – $40.32 million,
  • Colorectal cancer – $38.96 million,
  • Type 2 Diabetes – $29.85 million,
  • Breast cancer – $23.97 million,
  • Lung cancer – $21.74 million,
  • Asthma – $10.41 million, and
  • Osteoporosis – $5.78 million.

Being within an industry that works closely and hand in hand with the medical and healthcare environment, we are noticing this epidemic slowly rise from our perspective. We are not only a company in which cares for our client’s healthcare delivery through optimised spaces, but we also care about Australia’s general population.

Not only is it the social responsibility of the population to create greater awareness to the need of change to further better health, but also it is the medical industry’s responsibility to be prepared for the increasing amount of healthcare needs from the population. Medical facilities have a responsibility to strengthen and formulate a plan on how they are going to cope with the increased number of clients and increased amount of health problems. The evidence is clear, and it is time the healthcare industry starts preparing, whether it means expanding or moving into a space more equipped.

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