Using Virtual Reality to Enhance Client Experience

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Using Virtual Reality to Enhance Client Experience

Virtual reality (VR) has been used as a buzz word for many years in many different sectors and industries, and now it has found a real purpose within the medical design industry.

VR is no longer just for fun and video games anymore, as it is now helping solve issues and problems in the healthcare design and construct industry.

Virtual reality in healthcare is now aiding decision making and design reviews for critical design and architectural elements through the use of approaches tailored to each party of the project. In VR immersive environments, clients and other parties of the project are able to “walk” through the medical centres’ plan and assess everything from architectural features to spatial relationships.

VR differs from regular augmented reality (AR) as it implies a completely immersive experience and removes the physical world, whereas AR adds digital elements to a live view through technology such as smartphone and iPad cameras.

This use of VR to review the design projects through 3-D visualisation allows the designers to adjust in real-time until reaching the agreed optimal design and arrangement.

Modern technological developments such as VR in healthcare design and construction are giving rise to many benefits to both the project team, and the client, including:

  • Being further informed and boosting client confidence in the project process,
  • Faster decision-making,
  • Lower project costs due to the minimisation of changes,
  • Greater productivity for design reviews and implementations, and
  • Increased client satisfaction.

With advancements such as this growing exponentially in the healthcare design industry, there is no longer any doubts holding you back from confidently creating your dream medical environment.

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