Three Design Trends to Keep An Eye Out For in 2019

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So Many Trends Have Flourished Within 2018 And Have Risen To New, Creative Heights.

However, it is a new year and new design trends are taking hold of the healthcare design and construct industry! So, what are some design trends to keep an eye out for in 2019?

  1. Exposed Natural Wood
    Last week, we discussed the rise of biophilic design within 2018 and how it has changed the healthcare design game. Due to this, we can expect to see a lot more of exposed natural elements, such as timbers, incorporated into many healthcare designs. This is expected to be particularly popular within the reception and waiting areas as it will add a warm and welcoming appeal, as well as assist with acoustic considerations.
  2. Reflecting the Local Geography
    Similar to the biophilic design concept, this refers to adapting a design to take on, reflect and almost merge with the local geographical surroundings of the healthcare facility’s location. This concept has been dappled in recently with a few hospital designs and other commercial buildings, however, it is expected to become exponentially more popular within the new year. The build of new healthcare buildings may be designed to reflect the Indigenous culture of the location, or even the natural habitats of forest, bush or seaside.
  3. Value-Based Design
    According to Forbes, it is predicted that “15% of global healthcare spending will be tied to value-based models.” If this prediction proves to be accurate, we will most definitely see this reflected in the design of healthcare facilities going forward. The focus of patient experience is an essential factor currently, however the value of their experience will be further emphasised through more value-based design concepts.

It’s an exciting start to 2019, coming from a year of many innovations and a growth in the knowledge of the design importance within healthcare, as it can only further flourish from here.

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