The Basics of Starting a new Medical Practice

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How To Start Your Own Medical Practice

After thirty years of creating custom designed healthcare centres, medical practices and commercial projects Australia-wide, Interite Healthcare Interiors has accrued extensive knowledge and experience within this specialist industry. From this vantage, we have collated the 3 basic components required to establish your successful medical practice.

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What Is Your Vision?

No project can start on a whim. A clear and decisive Vision is imperative, and this important first step mustn’t be compromised. Your Vision provides the basis for a strategic approach to the ensuing design and construction process, adding direction and meaning to the project to achieve optimal results.

Don’t mistake a Vision for a basic Business Plan. In addition to facts and figures, your Vision should encapsulate the look, feel and user experience you are seeking to provide to your target market, breaking down each activation required to achieve the desired result.

What Is Your Budget?

Starting a new medical practice is complex, and an articulated Vision addresses this complexity by providing an informed overview of the process.

From this point, the accompanying financial commitment must be carefully addressed and analysed. Realistic comprehension of your capacity to financially deliver throughout the project will mitigate disappointing setbacks or delays down the line. You have the Vision; now can you budget accordingly to meet the related costs?

How much does it cost to open a medical practice?

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What Is Your Ideal Location?

Research is key to finding the right location which will both reflect your Vision and be cost effective. Factors to be considered include the location’s demographic and population size, plus the accessibility and spatial footprint of your property choice.

It is vital to secure professional property advice before making any hasty purchase or lease decisions. Spend time searching the market and discussing a range of options with your Project Manager and Property professional to avoid being stuck with design, planning or logistical issues. Interite Healthcare Interiors’ ASAP Property Search function is a free and easy first step to assess your options.

Of course, there are numerous additional aspects that should be carefully considered to ensure a successful healthcare facility. The classic ‘Who, What, When, Where and Why’ approach produces the essential questions you should ask yourself as a Practice Manager before beginning your journey.

At Interite Healthcare Interiors, we are equipped to guide and handle each step in the creation of your new practice; from partnering with your Vision, to being there on your opening day.

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