The Modern Convenience Of Medical Centres: Retail Location

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General Practitioner Clinics Are Changing To Suit Modern Values And Needs, Not Only For The Staff And Employees, But Also For The Clients;

with one of the main modern-day values that is becoming increasingly prominent and sought-after being convenience. Here is where we will begin our two-part series addressing the change in medical centres, particularly GPs, whom are creating a more convenient service delivery for the modern patients and clients. Yet, how exactly are GPs achieving this?

It’s simple: A change in location. Relocating into shopping centres, or shopping malls, are a growing trend in GP medical centres, especially those whom are equally offering a retail walk-in service.

Those embracing this trend and relocating their space into retail outlets to offer convenience are benefiting greatly. The Primary Healthcare providers who are limiting clients into waiting for specific appointments, although the client may be worried about a simple ear-infection, are losing revenue and clientele to those whom are offering convenience by simply allowing clients to “pop-in”.

Patients may have once turned their heads to a retail clinic, but that is quickly changing. Not only can they “pop-in”, without making an appointment a week prior, they can do so whilst they are running errands and performing everyday mundane tasks without going out of their way.

Location is one of the main keys in creating convenience, the modern value that patients are now searching for. Are you noticing your medical practice losing clientele? Perhaps it is because they don’t want to wait three days for their simple appointment or flu-shot.

Don’t wait too late to relocate or expand into a retail location that could potentially offer you an increase in attraction and retention, simply due to the pure convenience for your patients. Not sure where to start, or if this is right step for your business? Bring an expert, like Interite Healthcare Interiors, on board to assess this strategic change and guide you to reflect the modern values of your modern patients.

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