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R U OK? Day is Australia’s national day of action to support individuals and families who are struggling with life. This year, on Thursday, September 13, R U OK? Day is getting schools, workplaces and communities involved to have those conversations that can change a life for the better.

Asking the question of “Are you ok?” in the workplace is incredibly important, not just on R U OK? Day, but every day of the year, if you see a colleague in need. As employers or staff, creating a workplace culture where individuals feel confident in asking and answering this simple question is essential.

Besides everyone’s legal responsibility of providing a workplace in which is healthy and safe for everyone, these conversations can make a significant positive difference to an individual who is going through a tough time.

This topic is of great importance to everyone at Interite Healthcare Interiors, and we are getting involved to show our commitment to a healthy workplace, and our support to our nation; starting with the simple question: “Are you ok?”

If you would like more information about R U OK? Day and how to get involved, reach out to us today. Or simply jump on RUOK.org.au to see how you can help in the workplace, at school and in the community.

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