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Three Design Trends to Keep An Eye Out For in 2019

So Many Trends Have Flourished Within 2018 And Have Risen To New, Creative Heights. However, it is a new year and new design trends are taking hold of the healthcare design and construct industry! So, what are some design trends to keep an eye out for in 2019? Exposed Natural Wood Last week, we discussed...
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How Healthcare Has Changed Throughout the Past Year: The Rise of Biophilic Design

The Past Year Saw Many Revolutionary Developments Within The Healthcare Industry, And The Growth Of Steady Changes That Are Expected To Take Over The Healthcare Scene In 2019. Last week we discussed the rise of the importance of patient experience, a change that Interite Healthcare Interiors considers extremely influential and one that will further evolve...
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How Healthcare Has Changed Throughout the Past Year: The Rise of Patient Experience

Within The Past Year Of 2018, The Healthcare Industry Has Seen Many Changes Take Place That Are Assisting In The Evolution Of Australia’s Healthcare System. Many of these changes are impacting the every day lives of the staff and patients and will continue to change and evolve with modern values, beliefs, needs and technology. Throughout...
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Top Two Mistakes Doctors Make When Starting Their Own Practice

Establishing Your Own Practice Is A Dream For Many Doctors, And It Should Not Be Something To Just Jump Into Without Any Forward Planning. Today, Interite Healthcare Interiors would like to share with you the two most common mistakes that have been seen to be made by doctors whom are starting up their own practice....
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What Happens When You Don’t Choose a Medical Design Specialist

Determining The Best Design, Refit Or Fitout For Your Healthcare Practice Or Clinic Can Be A Difficult Decision; Especially When Considering Cost, Time Constraints, Functionality And Regulations. Because Of This, It Makes Sense To Take On A Healthcare Design And Construction Company To Take The Reigns And Guide The Project To Success. Yet, although it...
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The Modern Convenience of Medical Centres: Retail Incorporation

Last Week We Discussed The Modern Value Of Convenience And How General Practitioners Are Increasingly Offering This Through The Relocation Into Shopping Centres, Or Shopping Malls, And The Non-Traditional Approach Of Allowing Walk-In Patients. Yet, for those medical centres who cannot relocate to a retail environment, but still want to address the value of convenience,...
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The Modern Convenience Of Medical Centres: Retail Location

General Practitioner Clinics Are Changing To Suit Modern Values And Needs, Not Only For The Staff And Employees, But Also For The Clients; with one of the main modern-day values that is becoming increasingly prominent and sought-after being convenience. Here is where we will begin our two-part series addressing the change in medical centres, particularly...
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Your Medical Equipment Is Advancing, And So Should Your Medical Environment

With Our Ever-Evolving World, We See A Lot Of Technological Advances, Especially Within The Healthcare Environment. As technology advances, we notice that the medical equipment has gotten much smaller, and even miniaturised in some cases. This is a result of equipment becoming increasingly digitalised, especially within exam and treatment rooms. These advancements not only provide...
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Mens Health Week

Australians Are Paying For Better Healthcare Services, So Let’s Give That To Them

According To New Data, About One Tenth Of Australia’s Economic Spending Goes Towards Health; With The Nation Spending About $181-Billion In 2016/17. What’s this telling us? Our healthcare is of great importance, and with Australians spending so much, they expect a lot back. With these costly figures, it is estimated that the average person spent...
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