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The Modern Convenience of Medical Centres: Retail Incorporation

Last Week We Discussed The Modern Value Of Convenience And How General Practitioners Are Increasingly Offering This Through The Relocation Into Shopping Centres, Or Shopping Malls, And The Non-Traditional Approach Of Allowing Walk-In Patients. Yet, for those medical centres who cannot relocate to a retail environment, but still want to address the value of convenience,...
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The Modern Convenience Of Medical Centres: Retail Location

General Practitioner Clinics Are Changing To Suit Modern Values And Needs, Not Only For The Staff And Employees, But Also For The Clients; with one of the main modern-day values that is becoming increasingly prominent and sought-after being convenience. Here is where we will begin our two-part series addressing the change in medical centres, particularly...
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Your Medical Equipment Is Advancing, And So Should Your Medical Environment

With Our Ever-Evolving World, We See A Lot Of Technological Advances, Especially Within The Healthcare Environment. As technology advances, we notice that the medical equipment has gotten much smaller, and even miniaturised in some cases. This is a result of equipment becoming increasingly digitalised, especially within exam and treatment rooms. These advancements not only provide...
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Mens Health Week

Australians Are Paying For Better Healthcare Services, So Let’s Give That To Them

According To New Data, About One Tenth Of Australia’s Economic Spending Goes Towards Health; With The Nation Spending About $181-Billion In 2016/17. What’s this telling us? Our healthcare is of great importance, and with Australians spending so much, they expect a lot back. With these costly figures, it is estimated that the average person spent...
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Emergency Crisis

Emergency Departments In Crisis: No Efficiency, Accessibly Or Adaptability

A Recent Article Posted By The ABC Discussed The Crisis Of Mental Health Patients Being Left Waiting For Extensive Periods Of Time, Ultimately Causing Major Issues And Terrible Results. The ABC wrote, “[A] man was seen by the psychiatry team and admitted as an involuntary patient. There were no beds available, and he was to...
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Helpful Tips to Save on Fitout Costs

Helpful Tips To Save On Your Medical Clinic Fitout

Every medical clinic or health centre must actively position itself in the marketplace through the operation of an attractive and functional space, and do so without sacrificing optimum healthcare services. To ensure you remain accessible to patients, whilst pursuing excellence in the field you need a thoughtfully considered and expertly crafted fitout. And if you’re...
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Remembrance Day is celebrated in Australia on November 11

Remembrance Day – November 11

Many Will Know That November 11 Holds A Special Place In Everyone’s Heart, However, This Year Remembrance Day Is Even More Significant. This year, November 11 marks the 100th anniversary of the Armistice which ended the First World War (1914-1918). “One hundred years ago, on 11 November 1918, the guns of the Western Front fell...
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It’s Movember!

It’s November, And You Know What That Means; It’s Movember! Most Australians are familiar with the annual month-long event of Movember, encouraging men to grow their moustaches. However, many may not know why it is such an important event to be a part of. Movember aims to “change the face of men’s health,” through raising...
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Headspace Midland

Not Everything “Goes”

Last week we discussed how the evolution of bold designs in the healthcare industry are influencing and creating recognisable and memorable brand images and consistency. The balance between the modernised use of bold colours, appropriate patterns and textures with the traditional use of clean lines and minimal visual clutter is something that is increasingly becoming...
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