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Last week we discussed how the evolution of bold designs in the healthcare industry are influencing and creating recognisable and memorable brand images and consistency. The balance between the modernised use of bold colours, appropriate patterns and textures with the traditional use of clean lines and minimal visual clutter is something that is increasingly becoming more and more perfected.

Colour has the potential to enhance activity and emotions within a space, create distractions, and also assist with clever wayfinding. However, not every colour simply “goes,” especially in healthcare environments. Certain colours have negative associations, particularly the excessive use of dark greys and bright reds. Furthermore, certain coloured walls and surroundings may affect the colour of skin tones, making diagnosis’ and treatments difficult as the clarity of the patient’s condition can be inhibited.

Similarly, the use of patterns and textures are increasingly incorporated into spaces to provide comfort and a sense of homeliness. However, depending on the patient demographic and speciality of the medical centre, certain patterns and textures may create discomfort and confusion; especially among patients with mental illnesses.

Natural elements remain a popular component in healthcare design considerations due to their healing effects and calming associations. However, not all natural elements can be used in medical spaces due to infection control, allergies and sanitary reasons. Due to this, progressive design is implementing nature in abstract graphics. For example, windows are designed to allow natural light in the space, filtered through a graphic of tree branch patterns, which introduces nature into the space whilst maintaining privacy and sanitation.

These three examples are just a few of many design aspects that should be carefully considered when designing the best healthcare space to promote a positive client experience and your brand and culture.

If you are concerned about your design elements or would like to know more about what design aspects fit your space best, reach out to us at Interite Healthcare Interiors.

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