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A common misconception in the medical industry today is that a centre or clinic enhancement comes with a high price tag. Most medical practice owners and managers think that even the simplest clinic renovation necessitates the outlay of a painful, initial expense. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way. Using resources such as our brilliant Cost Estimator you can forecast an accurate renovation costing, with our comprehensive Investment Range packages making it easy to envision, and price, your ideal finished project.

Avoid the overwhelm and achieve your goal of improved patient experiences, without the high price tag.

How Simple Things Can Make The Most Difference

Medical clinics, en masse, are redesigning their facilities with the goal of improving the patient experience and boosting business through an updated user space. However, whilst architectural renovations and layout restructuring make the initial impression, the true test of success from a marketing perspective is to view the space from the user’s perspective.

For example, although a waiting mother may appreciate the comfort and vibrancy of a revitalised space, she will most likely be more preoccupied with how to amuse her fractious toddler, and will frequent practices which accommodate her specific needs (view our Top Tips for Waiting Rooms here), with the worst case scenario being a frustrated client which lowers overall patient satisfaction.

So How Do You Keep Your Clients Happy?

Be creative in finding solutions to create a ‘special connection’ between your medical facility and your patients.
Exceed their expectations and earn high marks for patient satisfaction with our 5 Top Tips to Keep Your Patients Smiling.

5 Top Tips to Keep Your Patients Smiling

  1. Healing Atmosphere. Make every experience in your medical clinic a part of the treatment process, especially the waiting room. Create a welcoming, calm and warm environment, substituting views for nature-art or indoor plants where necessary, thereby add the soothing benefits of greenery to your space.
  2. Comfortable Furniture. An interminable wait-time is the unfortunate reality for most patients visiting a medical practice. This reality is exacerbated if the patient is provided with unsuitable seating options in which to endure this wait, a deal-breaker when considering a return visit. Seating should be spacious and tailored to user needs to ensure an optimal patient experience. Check our furniture range and reestablish a sense of comfort in your practice today.
  3. Healthy Food. Your medical clinic should be the embodiment of everything healthy. Have a vending machine that dispenses water, apples, oranges and other nutritious snacks for your waiting patients.
  4. Play Areas. Let’s face it. Medical visits aren’t much fun for anyone, let along children with excess energy to burn. All it takes is one unhappy child to ruin the waiting room atmosphere, so providing options for children is a worthwhile investment to keep the peace and your other patients. Keep in mind that any items used by children will need to be cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis.
  5. Nice-to-have. Go the extra mile to ensure patient satisfaction. Provide tissues, face masks or hand sanitisers. Keep the toilets and bathrooms tidy. Offer notepads and pens and have updated magazines or health journals to read.Offer the whole ‘box of chocolates’ for your practice, and see how small investments in your patient’s experience can make a big difference to their world.It’s all about genuine healthcare, and so are we.

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