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Are you starting a medical practice? Possibly considering a renovation, entertaining relocation or struggling with ‘growing practice‘ pains?

There are plenty of good reasons to spruce up a practice, yet for the average business, this can be an optional extra. A discretionary exercise which most equates to fancy furniture and furnishings, or lavish amenities like cascading fountains and feature walls.

Yet the benefits of a well-planned medical environment go beyond function and aesthetics.

Experts reveal that natural light, air quality and good design are the key ingredients to boosting revenue, adding value to the business on top of attracting and retaining staff. Sound planning and execution can allow for corporate and professional growth.

However, renovation can be daunting for some people given that it involves the unfamiliar – “What ifs and could?” Moreover, the cost of a typical renovation may start around $100,000 and can run into thousands more. It is then imperative to take very cautious steps before signing any contracts.

Interite Healthcare has serviced the healthcare services industry for almost three decades. During this time, we have acquired key insights which form the basis of our 3 Essential Steps, a logic-based process developed for clients seeking a lasting medical makeover.

Feasibility. Analyse project practicability. Useful tools like Interite Healtcare’s Cost Estimator are accessible online for quick ‘on-the-spot’ approximate budget costing. This is where you can rely on healthcare interior design specialists or experts to assess the needs of your clinic – from design aesthetics to functionality, evaluate patient flows, review safety req

Readiness. Acknowledge the subtle signs. You will know that it is a perfect time because there will be signs. Know the signs and acknowledge them. Is your waiting room getting crowded? Do you receive complaints about noise, privacy and ease of use of your amenities? These are the obvious signs of growing pains.

A medical interior set up or renovation is mostly a 5-10 year expense, so you have to plan where your practice is headed into the future. It helps to know the life stage of your practice (infant, adolescent, newlywed, mature or retiring) and to understand the clinical model you are aspiring for (nurse-led, family-focused, multidisciplinary, preventive health, etc.)

DIY or Outsource? Assure the best outcome. Whilst DIY is may be cheaper, you need to ensure that all the critical elements to consider are ticked like council requirements, plans and building codes, etc. The benefit of a full-service medical interior design and construction firm like Interite Healthcare is that you can trust us with your vision and we will take care of the rest to achieve it.

We understand that as medical practitioners you require knowing the outcome before commencing on any procedure. With Interite Healthcare, you will not take a blind plunge.

We map out your medical transformation and manage it from concept design to project completion and maintenance. Look at what Belmont Medical Centre did.

Want to start your medical makeover? Speak with your local representative today!

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