How Much Should Your Medical Centre Fitout Cost?

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How Much Should Your Medical Centre Fitout Cost?

Don’t pay too much for your next medical centre fitout. Instead, find out how much you can save!

Whether you’re looking to build a new healthcare clinic or medical centre, expand your current facility or just update your space, the ultimate question is, ‘how much will it cost?’

Our Project Executive Morgan Judd guides you through a standard fitout cost structure and shows you where you can save money and eliminate stress.

The cost of fitting out a new medical centre or healthcare clinic can vary based on a number of factors including the following:

  1. Quantify the current state of your building or tenancy.  Think about the age, the materials used and any complexities the location may throw up in terms of facilitating a fitout, such as age of services like Air Conditioning.
  2. Remember that older buildings may require considerable work to bring them up to the building code or have caveats on the extent to which they can be altered.
  3. Residential conversions are also more complex than you may think.  Although you can secure a great location, the compliance issues attached with turning a house into a medical centre can be overwhelming and end up costing more than if you’d secured a tenancy in a more standard commercial setting.

The scale of works will certainly impact your final costs.

If you’re planning on making sweeping changes you’ll be up for a bigger bill than if you just want a quick nip and tuck. Similarly, the quality of your finishes and the number of times you revisit your design will affect how much cash you end up shelling out.  If your goal is quality above all else, you may not mind the inevitable expense.  But if you’re trying to achieve high-spec finishes at a low cost, understand where the cost lie. 

Compliance must be considered when planning any type of construction work.

The health and safety of your staff and clientele, your neighbours and the surrounding community, ultimately serve to justify what can feel like needless ‘red tape’.  Even so, frustration is inevitable when dealing with compliance matters, whether that be on a local, state or federal level.  Luckily, this can be offset by being prepared in advance and fully understanding your obligations and any associated costs going in.

Up to 70% of project costs are determined during the Design phase.

This makes it incredibly important not to ‘wing it’ as a laissez faire approach will end up costing you buckets of money and result in countless delays.

We know a fitout is exciting but it’s imperative to restrain yourself from getting started until you have completely ironed out your design.  Investing in your design up front also helps to forecast your total costs so you don’t get caught out down the track.

Time is money.  

But allowing yourself enough time to complete your proposed fitout can end up saving you dollars as subcontractors will charge an arm and a leg to complete a  rush job and you may end u

p sabotaging your original design intent when time restrictions back you into a corner.

Quite simply, the more time you have, the more cost effective your fitout will be.

If you want a quality outcome, you need to use a professional team.

Some clinicians baulk at the cost of a quality project, but find themselves paying out even more when cheap trades or DIY friends botch up the job. By using an experienced and trustwo

rthy team you can be confident that when warranty of items or defects arise you are protected.

If you need to choose something to sacrifice, never sacrifice the skill or experience of the team  that will transform your space.

If you need to choose something to sacrifice, never sacrifice the skill or experience of the team  that will transform your space.

A rule of thumb for those in the early stages of planning a fitout include:

$1,000-$1,500/m2 for a standard fitout

$2,000/m2 for a complex or specialist fitout

$750/m2 for a simple fitout (i.e. refurbishing yo

ur reception area)

Don’t risk potential project failure by ignoring these elements.

There’s plenty of free advice out there to glean from and you can also secure a no-obligation consultation with one of our in-house fitout professionals.  We listen to you and then give tailored advice to help you get an accurate estimate before you commit.

Even easier, use our free project estimation tool and get your cost estimation online in minutes!

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