How Healthcare Has Changed Throughout the Past Year: The Rise of Patient Experience

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Within The Past Year Of 2018, The Healthcare Industry Has Seen Many Changes Take Place That Are Assisting In The Evolution Of Australia’s Healthcare System.

Many of these changes are impacting the every day lives of the staff and patients and will continue to change and evolve with modern values, beliefs, needs and technology.

Throughout this article and next week’s post, Interite Healthcare Interiors are welcoming you into the new year with a reflection on, what we consider, the biggest changes in the evolution of healthcare design.

The Rise of Patient Experience

The importance of patient experience grew exponentially in 2018, and we can only assume that it will continue to flourish in 2019, allowing more room for user-centric and patient focused designs.

This is evolving through the understanding of modern values and needs beyond simply “getting the job done”. Patients are no longer simply only “getting what they came for” when visiting their local GP, instead they are now getting more. This is achieved through the transition from volume-based healthcare delivery models to value-based systems and designs influencing the workflow, efficiency, overall service delivery and sense of comfort, ease, engagement and welcoming.

Many healthcare providers are seeing a growth in public reviews and ratings on platforms such as and by simply adopting these modern values that are reflected in the new-age patients, clients and staff members; this is ultimately increasing attraction and retention.

Join the rise of patient experience and gain, what is considered, the most effective competitive advantage in the industry! Contact Interite Healthcare Interiors today and let us make your new year a new start for your business.

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