How Can You Create A Safe Space For Patients Suffering From Mental Illness?

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Do you work in the mental healthcare industry?

Have you experienced the challenge of keeping your patients safe from self-harm?

Thoughtful design and furnishing are more than a ‘nice-to-have’ in a safe space for mental health patients.

Spaces used on a daily basis by those struggling with mental illness should be laid out in a manner which eliminates all potential threats, however seemingly innocent.

 So, How Can You Incorporate Design Concepts To Safeguard Against Tragedy?

The Kestrel load release system

This system is an efficient and effective way to reduce any points of ligature.  Two magnetic brackets hold a range of items via magnetic attraction.  If a load of abnormal weight is applied to the brackets, the magnetic hold will release.  This system was designed for healthcare facilities to suspend curtain tracking whilst preventing the act of self-harm.

Fixed anti-ligature items

This concept refers to items in which are needed to hold weight or strain such as a handrail. As these items cannot release when weight is applied, their design has been modified within mental healthcare clinics to make it impossible for rope or cords to be tied or looped around them.

Hindrance of weaponry use

This concept refers to any items that can be broken off or removed from their intended location in order to be used as a potential weapon for self-harm or harming others. Minimising this risk through innovated product design offers a range of solutions incorporating load-releasing mechanism’s using lightweight, flexible materials.

Along with smart solutions, the human element should not be ignored with relevant staff training implemented to prepare for any violent patient confrontation, thus reducing the risk of harm to patients or practitioners.

Interite Healthcare Interiors understands the importance of design to create a safe space for mental health patients. Within a mental healthcare facility, safety is the absolute key as patients have the potential to act in a distressed, violent or unpredictable manner.

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