Helpful Tips To Save On Your Medical Clinic Fitout

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Are you considering a medical fitout?

Every medical clinic or health centre must actively position itself in the marketplace through the operation of an attractive and functional space, and do so without sacrificing optimum healthcare services. To ensure you remain accessible to patients, whilst pursuing excellence in the field you need a thoughtfully considered and expertly crafted medical fitouts.

And if you’re still not convinced, here are 3 great reasons why!

Top 3 Benefits Of A Great Looking Medical Centre Fitout

  1. Good for all users. A medical environment which promotes the aesthetics, as well as the functional aspects, produces benefits for patients, doctors, staff and visitors alike. A pleasant clinic environment makes happier patients and staff, thus giving you a more efficient and productive business. Standing out from the competition for all the right reasons is an added bonus.
  2. Optimises your resources. Having a well-designed clinical space ensures you maximise your square metres for ultimate functionality. This forethought minimises your footprint, saving your medical practice thousands of extra dollars to boost revenue every year.
  3. Future-proof your business.  A well-planned healthcare fitout anticipates future growth, giving you more options.

These benefits are just the beginning, with one of the major advantages of an expert medical fitout being a boosted bottom line.

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Tips To Save On Your Medical Clinic Fitout

    • Compare what you want VS what you have. Having a clear concept of your dream medical practice is vital. However, your dream must be tempered with the reality of both your priorities and your budget. Interite Healthcare has developed a 3-tier budget aligned programs to meet varying medical requirements and you can speak with an Interite Healthcare Project Executive to discuss your individual requirements. For an initial indicative Project Cost Estimate, you can start with this brilliant tool. And should you need assistance to obtain finance for your project, you can fill in this form.


    • Compare the right location VS the right interior design. As they say “location, location, location” is one of the most significant maxims used in the geographical decisions of any business. Location can help determine the success of your medical clinic, as clients need to be aware of your medical clinic before they can patronise it. The physical location of a medical clinic may define whether you will succeed or fail. It can make or break your medical practice. A good location for your clinic can take your medical practice to newer heights, while an average location reduces your business opportunities. So check this complete guide to choosing your clinic’s location before finalising your clinic’s location. In addition, your practice needs to be designed considering relevant council approvals, lines of vision, allowance for privacy, noise, ambient light, ceiling tiles, waste drainage flow, etc. A healthcare interior design specialist like Interite Healthcare offers decades experience to save you from costly medical practice fit out mistakes, and allow a trained professional to input on this important project element.


    • Timing VS Construction. Bringing all the elements together to create a ‘WOW’ factor for your medical practice requires an expert team with an extensive portfolio of experiences. Interite Healthcare not only assists you with the construction phase of your medical practice fitout but supports you with individualised and focused service delivery throughout the entire process, from concept design to completion, regardless of location. Find a medical centre fit out cost breakdown here.


Medical Fitout Solutions

Your project is now primed for success! By partnering with Interite Heathcare Interiors you will receive the high standards and practical support required to turn your Vision into a reality, resulting in the ultimate medical practice for you, your associates, staff and your patients.

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