Do You Want a Fitout to Impress, but on a Budget?

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Do You Want a Fitout to Impress, but on a Budget?

How to get the healthcare facility you’ve always dreamed of without breaking the bank.

Do you find yourself drooling over high end healthcare facility designs and finishes, and wishing your facility could look as good?

Did you know that professional interior designers can transform your space or help you construct a new space at a fraction of the cost you might spend if you went off on a commercial shopping spree?

Here’s 3 ways on how bringing in the healthcare fitout experts can overhaul your healthcare facility while still saving you a pretty penny:

1. Space utilisation

Professional interior planners can identify under-utilised space a mile away.

While you may think your layout ticks all the boxes, a practiced eye can immediately spot the optimal way to leverage your current square meterage.

What they can come up with may just make you realise how many in-house options you have to play with, removing the need for a costly relocation.

2. Smart finishes

Interior healthcare designers have a huge amount of experience in selecting finishes which not only cover off on healthcare design standards but also delight your senses, completely transforming boring or otherwise sterile spaces.

The clever use of colour, texture, biophilic influences and appealing materials can make your healthcare facility look like it just stepped out of a glossy magazine, while still retaining all the functionality necessary in a medical space.

3. Human centred design 

More than almost any other environment, your healthcare space must be designed with the needs of the user front and foremost.

Human-centred design is focused on engaging, nurturing and facilitating all users, from patients to staff to practitioners, making the space harmonious and workflows run smoothly to ultimately enhance outcomes.


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