Four Easy Ways To Liven Up Your Medical Practice

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Clients Have A Preconceived Idea That Most Medical Environments Are Either Cold And Sterile Or Just Simply Boring. However, There Are Four Easy Ways You Can Liven Up Your Medical Practice’s Physical Environment To Facilitate Engagement, Positive Mindsets And Creating That Fun And Friendly Vibe All Clients Seek.


Incorporate greenery

Do you think your practice is beginning to look a bit run down or clinical? Incorporating some fresh pot plants, vases of flowers and other natural elements is shown to not only aesthetically brighten up the physical environment, but also give patients and staff members a breath of fresh air. This has the potential to facilitate greater productivity, engagement, comfort and an overall positive mindset.

Hang some lively artwork

Are your walls a bit bare in your practice? Liven up your medical practice by investing in some colourful, inspirational and motivational pieces of art to be hung on your clinics’ walls can influence the mood and attitude of all users of the facility. Artworks can be used as conversation starters for client interaction and engagement and also a reminder that your practice is contemporary and friendly. Incorporating Indigenous artworks within Indigenous communities can also create that sense of welcoming and cultural appreciation.

Personalise to your culture and brand

It is a clear assumption to make that your practice is performing services which are performed by many other different practices. Creating an authentic brand and culture and reflecting this within your physical environment is key in attracting and retaining staff and clients and giving you a competitive edge. Personalising your practice to reflect your authenticity is a great way to do so. This can be achieved by incorporating photographs of staff members and other images and posters defining the practice’s values and USP’s.

Treat your clients

Incorporating a complimentary bowl of lollies or treats in the reception area or consultation rooms is a great way to implement your practice’s authenticity and also liven up space. It is not only a great idea for clinics and practices who specialise with children as their target audience, but also to reflect that fun and friendly aspect to your adult clients whose best memory about visiting the dentist as a child is receiving a lollipop.

Those are the four easiest ways to create a lively physical environment without breaking the bank and also giving you extra authenticity and that competitive edge within a highly congested marketplace.

Interite Healthcare Interiors can incorporate further elements within the design aspect of your practice to highlight your authenticity, culture and brand. It all starts with a simple conversation with us to find out how to liven up your medical practice. Contact us to book a FREE no-obligation vision and strategy session.

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