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Designing a practice to be culturally acceptable and sensitive is important in the modern world as more communities become increasingly multicultural and diverse. Designing to be culturally sensitive is often a factor that is overlooked as many focuses purely on the aesthetic of the surroundings and ‘what looks good,’ yet what some may not realise is what they deem to be beautiful, maybe culturally upsetting to others.

Sensible Design Elements

A great example of a design element that needs higher consideration in terms of being culturally sensitive is the chosen colour palettes of the practice. It happens more than not that colours are chosen by the leading of personal preference or client selections.

Interite Healthcare Interiors’ designers take into consideration the preferences; however, they also relate the final decision to how it affects the clients by its cultural significance.

Modern design concepts generally include entertainment in waiting rooms for patients to feel comfortable. Such forms of entertainment include the use of television; in order to keep your practice culturally sensitive, it is recommended that the material shown on screen does not show negative aspects of religious beliefs and cultures.

Depending on the nature and style of your medical practice, some patients may require being at your location for extended periods of time. Incorporating Prayer Rooms within the design and construction of the medical facility allows a space for those clients with religious backgrounds to feel welcomed and at home.

There are many cultures with many different cultural values and beliefs and designing a space that is sensitive to each one can seem impossible.

Interite Healthcare Interiors understands the importance that design has on the client experience cultural sensitivity is expressed, and with extensive experience, we know how to design a space to reflect the community and local demographics.

If you’re having trouble designing for your local community, contact Interite Healthcare Interiors to find out how we can help you with culturally sensitive design.

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