Challenges of Practice Ownership: Compliance

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Challenges of Practice Ownership: Compliance

Natassja Wynhorst

Medical practices and centres face many different challenges, like any small business. Some of these challenges are common throughout each industry, and others are industry specific.

Last week we discussed the common challenge of competition in the market place, and how the design of your practice can positively influence it.

This week, we are going to explore further into a challenge in which is slightly more specified for the healthcare industry and is one that is of the upmost importance.

Compliance and Accreditation

Healthcare centres and practices come with a long list of compliance requirements. In a highly regulated and high-risk industry, such as healthcare, compliance is particularly important. Healthcare compliance is about providing safe, hygienic, high-quality patient care; if a doctor or nurse does not follow the proper compliance procedures, then there is an extreme risk of injuring a patient or staff member.

As a practice owner, if your medical centre does not meet the strict standards, regulation and laws from federal and state levels, the violations can result in a lawsuit, fine, or loss of medical license.

Due to these strict regulations and requirements, when starting up your own practice or refitting your medical location, it is essential to take on the services from healthcare design and construct specialists.

Interite Healthcare Interiors has over thirty-years of experience and knowledge and are experts in the design and construct of healthcare facilities with a wealth of knowledge regarding each compliance regulation.

Don’t risk having a newly built or renovated medical environment, only to find out it does not meet compliance and cannot operate – Contact Interite Healthcare Interiors today.

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